.Read Information Package and Complete the Full Application Kit and any Additional Questionnaires for your personal challenges. You will receive this within 2 weeks after your request.

.Exchange information via 

Our online inquiry form. We will be in contact within 3 work days. 

Phone Call   After we receive your request. You will receive a call to discuss our program to see if it suitable for expectations and needs for both you and AAAD.

You will receive Information Pack within 3 work days.

.AAAD can only accept a limited number of applicants to ensure everyone entering our program receives the support they need. So, at times our website will notify you that applications have closed for the time frame given.


Internet conferencing or a Personal visit using Skype or Go to Meeting Talk with a AAAD case worker about needs, interests, family and lifestyle.

AAAD’s commitment to you. Education and training methodology On average 2 weeks after application. Is received If approval is reached for both parties. The next steps are:                                              


Medical or Professional Reference Forms/Letters To be completed by your physician or therapist.  On average 2 weeks after interview.


Decisions are reached. Applicant will be notified within 4 weeks after the Interview  Process

Our Selection Team :

Undertakes a final evaluation of all components  of your Application  and Interview Process This takes on average 2 weeks

Expression Of Interest

Application Process