Training Approach

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.We're All About Team Work &

The Power Of Our Best Friend's Nose!

I'Our Approach is Built on First Hand Knowledge!

We have Assistance Dogs of our Own or they are apart of our Family.

Most organisations train Dogs and towards the end of their training they are matched, partnered or paired with a person either at their training center or in some cases in the person's home time frame for this is 1 - 2 weeks. Barely enough time to be comfortable with each other let alone becoming a dynamic team which takes time, dedication and achievable goals both short and long term.






AAAD   specialises in Team  Building training both Person and Dog learning together from the very first day they join our family.

The process from application, to finding a successful match, through to team development, to  a working partnership will take 1-3 years. Depending on Skills and Tasks required and including the Assistance Dog Certification Process.


How AAAD achieve and how do YOU benefit


*     This starts  by identifying and tailoring realistic goals for each team


*      Realistic goals is  a win win situation for both person and dog  creating harmony and bond building through training


    Training  whether obedience or assistance dog skills is only one part of becoming a  dynamic team


*      Team building  evolves and develops by sharing life experiences, learning, playing and  interacting together on all levels  


*      Ongoing support to ensure that all challenges are addressed as they arise


*      Providing alternatives to accommodate special circumstances are more the norm than unusual


*      Our one-on-one Web Cam Monitoring / Training in home (Connecting Up App) and out and about (Skype). Our teams            learn to see mistakes and learn to see their mistakes as part of the learning process, discovering this element is the basis          of how to work together as a team


*      The Team develops confidence in their abilities creating a foundation for success









Toffee at the age of 4 months has learned, great foundations skills of retrieving by verbal command,

A far more advanced Panda is able to bring the correct medication when there is multiple to select from and the locations of medicine require multiple skills to retrieve. This is what is known as  an complex task


Dogs are simply amazing beings.  Apart from being 'Man's Best Friend' a dog's talents are incredible, their insight and use of their senses are beyond our complete understanding.

Our Team Partnership Journey is both long and challenging but by taking one step at a time it is very achievable and well worth the effort for those committed to succeeding.

Our Training also Incorporates

The 3 P's  Puppy Training Methodology  Patience, Perseverance & Praise 

as well as implementing the 4 D's of Puppy Training Methodology  Duration, Distance,  Distraction, and Diversity.