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We encourge you to ask any specific questions you may have as bringing an assistance dog into your life is a life changing decision and an assistance puppy in training more so.and should be something you consider seriously before beginning the process. While assistance dogs can change lives in remarkable ways, they are also constant works in progress requiring time, patience, and many lifestyle adjustments.

They are living, breathing beings. This is what makes them and the bond they share with their person so very special as much as you may need them they need you as well.


AAAD prefers to train carefully selected puppies, chosen for their future role  together with their life partner as a team.

AAAD believe that puppies should be used "in order to facilitate the strongest bond possible, and to ensure the dog's training matches the child's  or Adults specific needs."

The breeds we use are varied but are all pick for their ideal temperament,  desired traits and functionality to suit their job  and their person.


Yes we do at times place fully trained Assistance Dogs when circumstances allow although to many who have researched the cost; they become well aware that financially it is an impossible dream.. and fundraising is overwhelming and time consuming.

Yes there are a few extremely reputable organisations that place cost free dogs although  their waiting list can be priorised and are extremely long in fact many years...

Yes we do place puppies in various stages of development and training if the person is unable to meet the needs of a baby puppy or to train 1st  or 2nd level obedience

Yes our Assistance Dog Skills and Tasks are taught on line, in our classroom or privately primarily by using online classrooms webcams, videos  and our instructors give voice over feedback on all submitted training videos received simply by your phone. or webcam. Obedience is taught through a dog Obedience Club located near your home or by a private Trainer the choice is yours. To tie in all aspects of training our specially designed online training and log set up is extremely user friendly. 

Yes! We realise at times including  Public Access Testing your problems will have to be handled personally so you can attend a workshop or have your dog stay at one of our trainers to resolve the issue. In home visits are also possible although travel costs will have to be met although training is free if you have meet your personalised training goals.

I'Check out Ralphs favourite animal

Our Puppy Prodigies Whisper to you on arrival  as you grow together their voices and actions become

vibrant and clear.