In the News and Winning Awards

We at AAAD are proud of ALL of our working teams and their many wonderful achievements, we think they all deserve an award for their efforts.

Some of our teams have been awarded from various organisations for their work together and have had the opportunity to spread the word about the work we do and how it has helped them in their lives.

Below is a collection of photos and clippings of our teams in the news, receiving awards, or making presentations.

Aussie Angels Assistance Dog Draco and his mum Nikki giving a talk about the important work he does to the crowd at the Tasmanian Labradoodle Romp at Entally Estate on April 10 2011

March 26 2011 "The Advocate Newspaper" Tasmania. 

Draco receives certification and a medal for services to his human from Caroline of the Dogs Homes of Tasmania on October 8 2011