Train Your Best Friend to Assist Your Special Child
and become a DOG with a JOB.
Criteria for this Training Course

The course is open to all within Australia although after our initial phone evaluation of your team you will be advised 

if this  program will be viable option; recommendations will be given at this time. 

We know that every owner, dog and experience is different. 

If you haven't already got that special friend at home talk to us first for a small donation we also a hold online class once a month to discuss this topic with plenty of time for questions and answers.

  • How a dog can help a child with autism

  • Selecting the right dog to live with a child with autism

  • Things to think about when training a dog

  • Dog welfare and equipment needs

AAAD has extensive experience in training successful Assistance Dogs to help children with Autism. Teams both puppy/dog and handlers we have evaluated our many successes and learnt from our failures to determine Teams success over a long

time frame.

Our most successful teams stayed involved with our training team and program when issues arose they asked for guidance  and did not let initial lack of desired puppy / dog behaviours to rise into major problems before taking corrective measures. In addition our successful participants knew  their child's strengths and weaknesses  and had the determination to help their child gain the benefits of a trained dog. Using that knowledge with their learnt skills as a autism director for their child handler sharing the delight of watching child and puppy whisper to each other sharing confidences and friendship.

We want all placements to be successful over their working life whether working 24/7 at home and in the wider community or a family dog with a job. We work tirelessly with you in order to appropriately establish consistency and  reliability in your dog to help and hopefully overcome many of daily life struggles within the home environment or where pet dogs can go. This course doesn't give dog assistance dog rights i.e. public access If this is a requirement please visiting out Autism Assistance Dog Page

 Ongoing support is available to families including telephone support, online resources, and a private Facebook Group.

We believe this course sets the criteria that points to the best potential for success.