My Mind's  Best  Friend   

Walks  by  My  Side !         

What They Can Do to Assist YOU!

Everyone, has a different life story, we take your special circumstances and priorities into consideration when designing a program and training package that will help you regain your independence and enable you to

reconnect with your community.

Dogs are trained to recognise signs of a panic attack before you do

Dogs are trained to be 

persistent; they won’t take

no for an answer

A Dog's presence is renoun 

for their ability to calm and relax their person

Dog's learnt behaviours can ground their person

to the present

Assistancing in a medical crisis,

bringing their person a phone, medication or finding family, or friend or applying deep pressure therapy

Dogs are trained to

block to keep people

away from you.

Dogs help with depression

they aid in adjusting serotonin levels and lower blood pressure

Dogs are trained to perform security enhancement tasks.

Making their person feel safe .

A friend always by your side, making you exercise, get out of the house, but with the ability to guide their person to a safe place with the additional tactile support a dog can givel

Dogs can summon help by  alerting family, friend  or neighbour 

Using SOS emergency device or phone.

Dogs can be trained to

provide treatment related assistance.