Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs Inc            

IWho We Are


Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs is a registered Charity run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to improving quality of life for Adults and children who face the challenges of unstable diabetes or epilepsy or those who endure loss of mobility due to accident or physical conditions; to children who fall within the autism spectrum, and also specially trained Therapy and Companion Dogs  

AAAD was born and founded by a dedicated group of people who face their own challenges or that of their family, some of the team have experienced the seemingly un-surmountable daily struggles which place them in the ideal position to understand and meet the needs of others in the community who share the same problems.  

AAAD is fortunate to have in its team a diverse range of ages and experience, including philanthropists and professional dog trainers who work for no financial reward.

What We Do

AAAD's  personalized program involves interacting individually with qualifying persons to place  a suitable puppy who has been carefully selected for health, temperament and traits necessary to  succeed or a dog  who has been trained specifically for the type of assistance that the peron needs in order to live a more independent and healthy life.  

Our Goals and Objectives

To continue providing trained medical alert, service, assistance and therapy dogs to families or individuals in need.

To provide support and maintain long and lasting relationships with the dogs we provide and their recipients.

To raise and promote public awareness of the growing number of debilitating stresses due to medical conditions within the Australian community and on the way that trained dogs can alleviate those stresses, and in some instances even save lives.

To raise sufficient funds through donations and fundraising drives to enable AAAD to continue providing life changing dogs across Australia.