DA D ' s Nose  Best

Train Your Best Friend to be a Diabetic Alert Dog
and become a DOG with a JOB.
Criteria for this Training Course

This course is Not an Assistance Dog Course it is for your companion dog  to learn the skills to alert you or your child to

Blood Sugar Fluctuations.

If you haven't already got that special friend at home talk to us first for a small donation we also a hold online class once a month to discuss this topic with plenty of time for questions and answers.


The course is open to all within Australia although after our initial phone evaluation of team you will be

advised  if this  program will be viable option; recommendations will be given at this time. We know that every owner, dog and experience is different. So we are far from a cookie cutter style of training.

 This program you do not have to be hypo unawares but have a genuine interest in training your dog for your peace of mind or for the worse case scenario living in fear of the dreaded Night Time Hypo or the fact that you live alone and want that extra safety reassurance.

Please check out DAD Assistance Dogs for Information about Diabetic Alert Dogs and their extraordinary ability to help their human, improve their physical and emotional health and the crucial  aptitude  in providing lifesaving capabilities that current and not  available to all  technology can not.

AAAD has extensive experience in training successful assistance DAD teams both puppy/dog and handlers we have evaluated our many successes and learnt from our failures to determine Teams success over a long time frame.

Our most successful teams stayed involved tith our training team and program when issues arose they ask for guidance  and did not let initial alerting behaviour to lack of to rise into majopr problems before taking corrective measures. In addition our successful participants new their diabetes management and short comings well. Using that knowledge with their learnt skills as a diabetic alert dog handler to understand their dogs alerting behaviour and how it is has and continues to help their diabetes management.

We want all placements to be successful over their working lives whether working 24 /7 at home and in the wider community or a family dog with a job. We work tirelessly with you in order to appropriately establish consistence and  reliability in your dog's overhaul alerting and assist 

skills. If you require full public access this course is not for you please visit our Diabetic Alert Page,   

Furthermore by working with your own dog and doing the training with your dog, it will give you the ability to keep up with the training. Unfortunately, when an already trained dog is given to a person t dog may lose his ability to alert within a few months. with inexperience. With this program, in addition to the basics of alerting to blood sugar changes, getting what we refer to as low, retrieving your meter and getting help, this program gives you the confience and knowlege to keep your dog right on that low scent trail. 

 Ongoing support is available to families including telephone support, online resources, and a private Facebook group.

We believe this course sets the criteria that points to the best potential for success.

Course Curriculum

This Course does not cover dog obedience although AAAD do strongly recommend that all dogs are well socialised and exercised daily Attending Obedience Classes no matter what age you dog is It is known to  improves dog both physically and emotionally whether at your local dog obedience club or a private trainer.

Please understand it will help greatly in this course if your dog responds to both verbal and hand signals.

This  is an intensive 12-week course for your qualified family dog. plus 4 weeks revision and troubleshooting once completing your course you are able to attend future courses at no charge as a visitor.

Curriculum Content

We Train Our At Home Diabetic Alert Dogs To Help With The Following:
  • High & Low Blood Sugar Alerts
  • Early High/Low Detection plus
  • Retrieve Third Party Support
  • Retrieve Food & Medication  Such as Known as Low Drink (high in sugar), Glucose Tabs, Insulin Meters, etc.
  • Dial 000 on a Disability / Telstra Blue Phone. or Press a Medi- Alert Button or App.


On line fortnightly classes average 2 hours although extensions in time often occur.

Class 1.   Your Dog being included in your total diabetic routine when at home.

               Testing Routine and fresh breath scent recondition / discrimination at time of testing.

                Hypo / Hyper (Low  / High BSL routine and improving this so your dog can learn to assist.

                Scent collection and storage

Class 2.   Review Questions and Answers

                Learning Responses to both alerts  usually Low Nose for Low

                                                                                         High Paw for Highs

                Shaping retrieve and targeting for meter, low drink or medication as well emergency or carers button / alarm                              including 3rd party Alerts.

                Learning bout scent recognition and dealing with real life non-alerts and alerts           

Class 3.   Review Questions and Answers

                Adding responses to testing results or real life alerts

                Starting with scent  training and why baby steps are so very important

Class 4.   Review Questions and answers 

                Evaluating progress and to clarify how to improve training plus encourage real life alerts. and recovery procedures


Class 5.   Review Questions and Answers

                Generalising Alert / Scent training

                Formally adding / joining Scent to response

Class  6.  Review Questions and Answers

                 Clarification of Teams what ifs

                 Redirecting Diabetic Routines if necessary  and validating changes in your Diabetic Management.

The Next Classes can be divided  4 weekly or 2  fortnightly classes depending on class preference.

These classes will be improving your working relationship with your DAD.  Positive reinforcement of all skills learnt.

Plus ongoing training revision, revision and yes more revision.  Training continues with real life experiences for the life of the team but please remember if you do not have many Hypos or Hypers please continue with at least minimum weekly scent response  training because if something iust used it is forgotten to various degress.      


We TrainYOOur At Home Diabetic Alert Dogs To Help With The Following:
  • High & Low Blood Sugar Alerts
  • Early High/Low Detection
  • Retrieve Third Party Support
  • Retrieve Food & Medication Such as Glucagon, Glucose Tabs, Insulin, Juice , Meters, etc.
  • Dial 000 on a Disability / Telstra Blue Phone. or Press a Medi Alert Button or App.